• Ziebart services in oman
  • Ziebart services Appearance Protection in oman
    • Ceramic Z gloss
    • Inner Guard
  • Ziebart services auto detailing in oman
    • Exterior Detailing
    • Interior Detailing
  • Ziebart Services in oman
    • Window Tint
    • Z- shield
  • Ziebart services Rust Protection
    • Rust Protection
    • Spray on Liner
    • Z- Liner
    • Sound Barrier
  • Ziebart services in oman


Ziebart is one of the world's leading names in automotive services that renew, protect and enhance the appearance of the vehicle and their investment values. Based on an innovative process developed by Kurt Ziebart to prevent automobiles from rusting, Ziebart International Corporation was founded in 1959.

Kurt Ziebart opened his first location in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The company quickly began expanding into the neighboring Midwest and soon to Middle East. Today Ziebart has a worldwide network of approximately 950 Ziebart service centers in 33 countries.

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